AR# 1641


XABEL-CPLD: Some hints on the error 'Done: failed with exit code: 0001'


Keywords: XABEL, CPLD, exit, code, 0001

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When running XABEL-CPLD, the following error message may occur
in XABEL-CPLD Auto-Make Log File(automake.log):
Updating: Programming File(.jed)

Starting: 'C:\XABEL6\AHDL2BLF.EXE com_cpld.abl -mod com_cpld
-ojhd compile -def _XC_9500_ -err automake.err'
ABEL 6.00 Copyright 1983-1994 Data I/O Corp. All Rights
Module: 'COM_CPLD'
Starting: 'C:\XABEL6\syndos -env @xact9k.env hprep6 -i com_cpld
-r jed -l com_cpld.jed -n com_cpld -e automake.err'

Done: failed with exit code: 0001.

The exit code indicates that something went wrong in the Xilinx
program itself and the Data I/O software flags an error of this
kind since it doesn't know what went wrong.


1. Make sure that you have installed the latest patches for
XABEL-CPLD. The patches are and and
are currently available on the Xilinx FTP site.

You can obtain this file from the Xilinx FTP site :


2. Make sure the PATH and the XACT variables are specified
properly in the autoexec.bat file.
SET PATH=<path_to_xabel_cpld>;<any_other_paths>....
SET XACT=<path_to_xabel_cpld>;<any_other_paths>..
where <path_to_xabel_cpld> is the location of the XABEL-CPLD
software. By default, this will be c:\xabel6\xact9k

Verify that this is true by typing 'set' from DOS prompt.

3. Look at the the log files in the project directory to find
out what went wrong. These log files are: automake.log,
design_name.log and tsprep.log

4. Make sure there is enough free disk space.

AR# 1641
Date 08/27/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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