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5.1isp3 UNISIM, SIMPRIM, ModelSim 5.7 - "Warning: No default binding for component: 'DCM'/Error: (vsim-3033): Instantiation of 'DCM' failed. The design unit was not found..."


General Description:

After I upgrade to ModelSim 5.7 and compile the simulation models with COMPXLIB, the following warning and error occur when I simulate a design:

" WARNING[1]: top.vhd(143): No default binding for component: "dcm". (No entity named "dcm" was found.)"

"**Error: (vsim-3033) ../top.v(53): Instantiation of 'DCM' failed. The design unit was not found.

# Region: /testbench/UUT/dcm_clk0

# Searched libraries:

# c:\modeltech_5.7\5_1_libs\XilinxCoreLib_ver

# c:\modeltech_5.7\5_1_libs\unisim_ver

# c:\modeltech_5.7\5_1_libs\simprim_ver

# work"


This warning and error occur when the model cannot be located inside the specified libraries. The probable cause of this error is a bug in the DCM model that prevents it from being compiled in ModelSim 5.7.

The DCM model uses the word "generate", which is a reserved word in the Verilog-2001 standard. Because ModelSim 5.7 uses the Verilog-2001 standard by default, the DCM model cannot be compiled. Please see (Xilinx Answer 16452) for more information and for a work-around to this problem.

If (Xilinx Answer 16452) does not resolve the problem, check inside the compiled library and verify that the DCM model is there. If not, it must be compiled into the library.

If the DCM model is contained in the library and the error still occurs, verify that the "-L" switch in the VSim command line correctly points to the desired library, as illustrated in the examples below:

For a behavioral simulation:

vsim -t 1ps -L xilinxcorelib_ver -L unisims_ver work.testbench work.glbl

For a timing simulation:

vsim -t 1ps -L simprims_ver work.testbench work.glbl
AR# 16436
Date 07/12/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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