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AR# 16494

Dup to 15742


Keywords: iMPACT , parallel, cable, IV, communication, fail, 4.2, 5.1, xpc4drvr

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I have both ISE 4.2i and 5.1i sp2 (or greater) installed on the same PC, cable communications can only be established with ISE 5.1i; cable communications with 4.2i fail.


The driver files required for correct cable communications include the windrvr.sys file and the xpc4drvr.sys file. The xpc4xdrvr.sys driver (version or greater) installed with 5.1i sp2 iMPACT is not backward-compatible with the xpc4xdrvr.sys driver used by 4.2i iMPACT. This incompatibility causes communications to fail for the 4.2i iMPACT software after the 5.1i sp2 software is installed.

The simplest resolution is to use the 5.1i iMPACT software for programming. The programming software accepts files generated in previous software versions.

However, if you want to use 4.2i iMPACT, you can work around this issue by copying the xpc4drvr.sys file (54.8 KB) from the <ISE4.2_install_directory>/Bin/NT into the WINNT/System32/Drivers directory. To ensure that the driver is properly stopped and restarted, perform the following:
1. From the DOS command line, enter the following to stop the currently loaded driver (possibly the 5.1i SP3 driver):
net stop XilinxPC4Driver
2. Enter the following to restart the 4.2i driver (you may need to reboot):
net start XilinxPC4Driver

When reverting back to 5.1i iMPACT (SP2 or later), the software automatically installs the newer parallel port drivers before attempting to connect to the cable.
AR# 16494
Date 09/30/2005
Status Archive
Type ??????