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AR# 16515

3.1is2 EDK - Performing the download operation from Xilinx Platform Studio produces an iMPACT error


Keywords: EDK, 3.1, iMPACT, 5.1, download, configure, bitstream, chain, JTAG, Boundary Scan

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I run the Download command from the Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) in EDK 3.1, the following error occurs:

"Error:iMPACT:1210: Boundary-scan chain test failed at bit position.
A problem may exist in the hardware configuration.
Check that the cable, scan chain, and power connections are intact,
that the specified scan chain configuration matches the actual hardware,
and that the power supply is adequate and delivering the correct voltage."

What does this mean? How do I download my design to the device?


This error occurs because the download operation in EDK runs iMPACT in the background using command line operations. The command file that EDK uses to run iMPACT contains a JTAG chain description that is different from the actual JTAG chain on the board. To work around this problem, perform these steps:
1. Configure the Xilinx device using iMPACT.
2. Once the bitstream is updated in XPS, open iMPACT from the Start menu:
Start -> Programs -> Xilinx ISE 5 -> Accessories -> iMPACT
3. Initialize the chain.
4. When you are prompted to assign a BIT file, browse to the XPS project directory and select the download.bit file.
5. Program the device.

If you still experience problems downloading the bitstream to the device, please open an online WebCase with Xilinx Customer Support at:
AR# 16515
Date 04/28/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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