AR# 1670


FPGA/Design Compiler: The output of replace_fpga still contains CLB element/write command fails in FPGA Compiler


Keywords: replace_fpga, Compiler, Synopsys, touch

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After running the FPGA Compiler command replace_fpga,
a user may be unable to run the 'write' command succesfully;
'write' reports that there are CLB elements still present in the design.


If the write command fails in FPGA Compiler, this most likely is caused
by replace_fpga failing. replace_fpga usually fails if a CLB still has
the 'dont_touch' attribute on it.

Just before running the 'write' command, run the following command
at the top of your design hierarchy:

remove_attribute find(cell,"*") dont_touch

Run 'replace_fpga' and then run the 'write' command. This will allow
replace_fpga to finish correctly, and then the 'write' command will work.
AR# 1670
Date 04/25/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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