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AR# 16809

6.3i Modular Design - Using the -p and -r options in PAR causes designs to be unroutable


General Description: 

When I run Modular Design with the -p or -r option in PAR, the following error is reported: 


"ERROR:DesignRules:10 - Netcheck: The signal "xxx" is completely unrouted."


Xilinx recommends that you do not use the -p and the -r options with Modular Design. 


Using the -p and -r options causes unexpected results with PAR. The -r option specifies that only the placer be run, and the -p option specifies that only the router be run. The unexpected results occur because guide is run in both cases. Without the -p and the -r options, the flow is as follows: 


Guide -> Place -> Route 


However, if PAR is run with -r and then run with -p, the flow is as follows: 


Guide -> Place -> Guide (again) -> Route 


This additional guide phase between place and route causes the problem.

AR# 16809
Date 05/15/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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