AR# 16857


6.1i ISE - ePD does not accept library directory paths with spaces


Keywords: Innoveda, ePD, Mentor, ViewDraw, DxDesigner, spaces, install, library, viewlog, Alliance

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I install the Xilinx tools in a directory path with spaces (i.e., C:\Program Files\Xilinx), Innoveda cannot accept the %Xilinx%\viewlog\data\<device family> as the library path.


During a Xilinx installation, the Innoveda libraries and interface tools are installed to the %Xilinx%\viewlog\data directory.

Since the ePD tools are unable to point to libraries that reside in a directory structure with spaces in the names, the only work-around is to copy the viewlog/data directory to another directory on your system.

The libraries can be in any directory without spaces in the path. (i.e., C:\Innoveda\Xilinxlibs\).

In ePD, you need to point to the new directory (C:\InnovedaLibs\) as the library path.
AR# 16857
Date 02/07/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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