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AR# 16871

3.2/3.1 EDK - What is the GNU Debugger ?


General Description:

How does the XPS tool flow work? What are the typical phases in the design of an embedded system?


GDB is a tool that provides a unified interface for debugging and verifying MicroBlaze and PPC systems during various stages of development.


mb - gdb [options] [executable-file]

powerpc-eabi-gdb [options] [executable file]

MicroBlaze GDB Targets

There are three possible supported targets for the MicroBlaze GDB:

1. GDB Built-In Simulator: used to debug programs that do not access any peripherals.

-The size of the application being debugged determines the maximum memory location that can be accessed by the simulator.

-The simulator assumes that the accesses are made only to the fast local memory (LMB).

2. Remote: Simulator Target : XMD simulator is a Cycle-Accurate Instruction Set Simulator of the MicroBlaze System that presents the simulated MicroBlaze system state to GDB.

3. Remote: Hardware Target: XMD communicates with an XMDStub program running on a hardware board through a serial or JTAG cable, and presents the running MicroBlaze system state to GDB.

For more information on the GNU Debugger, please see the "est_guide.pdf" file in the Doc directory of your EDK install directory.
AR# 16871
Date 03/30/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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