AR# 16888


5.2i ISE - "Generate Post-Fit Simulation Model" process fails for CPLD designs - can't read "p_SimModelOtherNgd2VerOpts": no such variable


Keywords: NGD2VER, Project Navigator, Project, Navigator, post, fit, timing, options, global, set, reset, port, net, simulation, model, no, such, variable, can't, read, p_SimModelOtherNgd2VerOpts

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
If the "Bring out Global Set/Reset net as a Port' is checked in the options window for "Generate Post Fit simulation Model" in Project Navigator for a CPLD design, the following error is produced:

Started process "Generate Post-Fit Simulation Model".

can't read "p_SimModelOtherNgd2VerOpts": no such variable
while executing
"string equal $p_SimModelOtherNgd2VerOpts """
invoked from within
"if {[info exists p_SimModelGsrPortName]} {
if { ![string equal $p_SimModelOtherNgd2VerOpts ""] } {
lappend Options "$p_SimModelOtherNgd2VerOpts"..."
(file "C:/Xilinx/data/projnav/scripts/_ngaTOvxsim_pr.tcl" line 34)


The "Bring out Global Set/Reset net as a Port" option does not work for CPLD designs because CPLD devices have a dedicated GSR pin.

This option should not be available for CPLD designs and has been removed from ISE 6.1i.

To avoid the error in 5.2i Project Navigator, de-select the "Bring out Global Set/Reset net as a Port" option.
AR# 16888
Date 02/07/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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