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AR# 16890

6.1i HDL Bencher - Is there a way to associate a testbench waveform (TBW) file with a new source file?


Keywords: .tbw, change, re-associate, re-use, Verilog, VHDL, schematic

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Is there a way to associate an existing HDL Bencher waveform (.tbw) file with a new or different source other than the source for which it was created?


The ".tbw" files from HDL Bencher can be "re-associated" as described below.

If the original source file for the ".tbw" file does not exist in the project directory (or in the location pointed to in the ".tbw" file if the original source was in a remote directory), HDL Bencher prompts you to locate the file or to select a new source when the waveform file is opened.

For example:
An existing "test.tbw" file is associated with a "coolfile.vhd" source file. The "test.tbw" file has three input waveforms (a, b, c) and one output (z). You then create a new project and want to use the existing "test.tbw" to simulate your new design named "hotfile.vhd." To do this, perform the following steps:

1. In Project Navigator, select Project -> Add copy of source and select "test.tbw."

2. In the new project, the original associated file (coolfile.vhd) does not exist; when you try to open "test.tbw," you are prompted to locate the file or to select a new source file. Select "hotfile.vhd" as the new source.

3. HDL Bencher then steps through the signals it finds in "hotfile.vhd" and asks what stimulus you would like associated with each signal. You also have the option to leave a signal "as is" (no stimulus).

Note that the Project Navigator does not try to re-associate the ".tbw" file. The re-association occurs when HDL Bencher opens the ".tbw" file. Project Navigator shows the re-association once the waveform file is saved in HDL Bencher.
AR# 16890
Date 03/19/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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