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AR# 17007

5.2i ePDCORE - ViewDraw symbols are not created for COREGen cores


Keywords: Innoveda, Mentor, ViewDraw, DxDesigner, eProduct, ePD, interface, broken, schematic, polling, symbol, error, core

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I create a COREGen core using the Xilinx CORE Generator from within eProduct's ViewDraw, it seems as if the core is created successfully. However, when I close the ePDCORE box, the following message appears:

"Error [<core_name>] : Xilinx CORE Generator returned errors while generating cores. Click OK to return back to application"

Although the Xilinx CORE Generator indicates that the core is created successfully, when I close COREGen, the symbol file for the core is not created.


A problem in the Xilinx CORE Generator causes it to report an error at the end of the "coregen.fin" file, whether or not the core is created successfully. The ePDCORE utility reads the error from the "coregen.fin" file and cannot proceed.

This COREGen issue has been fixed in the latest IP update for ISE 5.2i available at: http://support.xilinx.com/xlnx/xil_sw_updates_home.jsp

1. Make sure that you have installed ISE 5.2i with any available service packs indicated in the link above.
2. Then download and extract "5x_ip_update2.zip" to the location of the Xilinx install (i.e., C:\xilinx52).
3. Close and re-open eProduct. At this point a symbol for the core should automatically be created and be attached to the cursor for placement in the ViewDraw schematic sheet when COREGen is closed.
AR# 17007
Date 08/26/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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