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AR# 17104

3.1/3.2 EDK - XST reports an error if the IP license is set up incorrectly: "make: *** [implementation/system.ngc] Error 1"


Keywords: XST, XPS, PlatGen, EDK

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
If the licenses for the IP cores are incorrectly set up, the build netlist function of XPS fails. XST reports the following warnings/errors:

"WARNING:Portability:111 - Message file "coreutil.msg" wasn't found.
WARNING:coreutil - # WARNING XLPP: Core <opb_uart16550_v1_00_c> is unlicensed.
WARNING:Portability:111 - Message file "coreutil.msg" wasn't found.
WARNING:coreutil - # WARNING XLPP: Core <opb_uart16550_v1_00_c> is unlicensed."

These messages are easily lost in the large amount of XST output text. Also, these messages are listed as warnings instead of errors and XST still runs for several minutes like normal. Once XST finishes, XPS reports the following:

"Platform Building failed
make: *** [implementation/system.ngc] Error 1


(Xilinx Answer 16321) provides information regarding obtaining an IP license.

For 3.2 EDK users, evaluation versions of the IP listed below are included either in the Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK) CD or associated EDK Service Packs. Starting with the 3.2 EDK release, three month evaluation licenses for these Xilinx LogiCOREs are bundled with any evaluation IP delivered with the EDK software. This three month evaluation license allows you to parameterize, generate, and instantiate this IP in your design.
AR# 17104
Date 04/28/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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