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AR# 17107

3.2 EDK Install - Service Pack 1 Readme File


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General Description:
This Answer Record contains the Readme file for the 3.2 EDK Service Pack 1 for Solaris and PC users.


A successful installation of Xilinx EDK 3.2 Service Pack 1 will update your software version number to 3.2.1 Build EDK Cm.19.

NOTE 1: The destination directory specified during the set-up operation must contain an existing Xilinx EDK 3.2 installation. Only existing files are updated.

NOTE 2: The Xilinx EDK 3.2 environment variable should be set before commencing installation of Service Pack 1.

NOTE 3: EDK 3.2 ( with or without SP1 ) will require ISE 5.2i SP1( with the SP1 tactical patch ) or ISE 5.2i SP2 ( with the SP2 tactical patch ) (Xilinx Answer 17156) contains additional information.

Download installation instructions for PC users:
1. Download edk_3_2_1_win.exe from:
2. Run "edk_3_2_1_win.exe".

Download installation instructions for Solaris users:
1. Download edk_3_2_1_patch_sol.zip from:
2. Unzip the downloaded file into the EDK directory.

Issues addressed in SP1

(Xilinx Answer 16542) 3.1/3.2 EDK- When using XFLOW in XPS, MicroBlaze/PowerPC System generated by PlatGen instantiates IBUFG, but there is no BUFG inferred for system clock.

(Xilinx Answer 17092) 3.2 EDK - Processor IP: OPB_ATMC_v2_00_a WPFIFO register cannot be accessed via software.

(Xilinx Answer 17093) 3.2 EDK - When will Spartan-3 be supported by EDK?

(Xilinx Answer 17094) 3.2 EDK - In XilNet library, the ARP cache is maintained incorrectly in eth.c.

(Xilinx Answer 17095) 3.2 EDK - LibGen puts wrong baseaddr value in interrupt handler table for plb2opb_bridge.

(Xilinx Answer 17097) 3.2 EDK - The CLOCK_HZ is not passed to xparameters.h for the UART 16550/16450 Level 0 driver.

(Xilinx Answer 17098) 3.2 EDK - NGDBuild reports an error when the processor system contains the OPB ATMC v.2.00a core.

(Xilinx Answer 17099) 3.2 EDK - The mb-gcc - logf and log functions do not work properly.

(Xilinx Answer 17105) 3.2 EDK - GNU GCC scanf and fgets do not work.

(Xilinx Answer 17106) 3.1/3.2 EDK - mb-gcc fails to compile programs with shifts.
AR# 17107
Date 04/28/2006
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