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AR# 17141

3.2 EDK - Interrupt masks and priorities in xparameters.h


Keywords: EDK, LibGen, XPS, interrupt, mask, priorities

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How are the interrupt mask and interrupt priorities written in xparameters.h?


The interrupt controller driver masks all interruptible peripherals connected to the interrupt controller when the level is defined as "0". The interrupt controller driver uses only the priorities of the interruptible inputs when the level is defined as "1". Consequently, either the mask or the priority is generated in xparameters.h based on the driver level chosen in the MSS file.

In 3.1 EDK, LibGen defines the interrupt masks and priorities of all interruptible peripherals connected to the interrupt controller. The definitions in xparameters.h are now driven by the driver requirements rather than the LibGen tool generating the definitions. Consequently, either mask or priority is included in xparameters.h, but not both.
AR# 17141
Date 04/28/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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