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6.1i Guide - What are the file conversion issues between XDL and NCD databases?


General Description:

In the ISE 6.1i software, the XDL database format does not support ISET information. Since 6.x NCDs must contain ISET information, this Answer Record provides information on converting from one format to the other.



This translation results in the loss of ISET data, which is contained in the NCD, but not supported in XDL.


This translation creates an NCD file with default ISET information in the 6.2i software. You can use this file for guiding, but not for Incremental or Modular Design.

This translation creates an NCD file without ISET information in the 6.1i software. You cannot use this NCD with the 6.x software yet. An additional conversion process is needed to insert ISET information into the NCD. Follow these steps to perform this conversion:

1. Set the environment variable PAR_NO_NCD_CONVERT to "1".

2. Run "par -nopad -pr 5.2i_file.ncd 6.1i_file.ncd 5.2i_file.pcf".

3. Unset the environment variable PAR_NO_NCD_CONVERT.

If you have been directed to this Answer Record from the following error:

"ERROR:Par:328 - A 6.Xi guide file has been identified. This file is missing the

necessary properties that are required for the 6.Xi software. This must be

converted to 6.Xi format to be used as a guide file with this software version"

please see (Xilinx Answer 16792) for more information.
AR# 17204
Date 07/16/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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