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AR# 17410

3.2 EDK Install - Service Pack 2 Readme File


Keywords: Service Pack, Solaris, UNIX, PC, software, update, 3.2, SP1, What's New, readme, SP2

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General Description:
This Answer Record contains the Readme File for the 3.2 EDK Service Pack 2 for Solaris and PC users.


A successful installation of the Xilinx EDK 3.2 Service Pack 2 updates your software version number to 3.2.2 Build EDK Cm.22.

1. The destination directory specified during the setup operation must contain an existing Xilinx EDK 3.2 installation. Only existing files are updated.
2. The Xilinx EDK 3.2 environment variable should be set prior to installation of Service Pack 2.
3. EDK 3.2 SP2 requires ISE 5.2i SP1 ( with the SP1 tactical patch ), ISE 5.2i SP2 (with the SP2 tactical patch ), or ISE 5.2i SP3. (Xilinx Answer 17156) contains additional information.

Download Installation Instructions for PC:
1. Download edk_3_2_2_win.exe from:
2. Run "edk_3_2_2_win.exe".

Download Installation Instructions for Solaris:
1. Download edk_3_2_2_patch_sol.tar.gz from:
2. Unzip the downloaded file into the EDK directory.

New LogiCOREs in EDK Minor-SP2
Released the following new Processor IP cores:
- MII to RMII Interface for 10/100M Ethernet
- OPB_PCI Full Bridge device driver
- PLB 1G Ethernet VxWorks RTOS Adaptation Layer
- OPB Centralized DMA
- Channelized (32 channels) Read Packet FIFO
- Channelized (32 channels) Write Packet FIFO
- OPB 10/100 Ethernet MAC now has Spartan3 support. Please refer to (Xilinx Answer 17563) for more details.

Released New Versions of the following existing Processor IP Cores:
- PLB 1G Ethernet Core & Device Driver (added DMA S/G and updated to latest 1G Ethernet)
- OPB2PCI Core has been updated to include the device drivers
- PLB BRAM (added Cacheline / Burst capability and optimized size, performance, and latency)
- OPB BRAM (added Cacheline / Burst capability and optimized size, performance, and latency)
- OPB 10/100M Ethernet (incorporate UNH Certification changes)
- BSP Generator - Tornado 2.2 (updated to support VxWorks Tornado v2.2)
- Device Drivers - Tornado 2.2 (updated to support VxWorks Tornado v2.2)

Issues Addressed in SP2:

(Xilinx Answer 17114) 3.2 EDK - MB-GCC Error "internal error--unrecognizable insn:"

(Xilinx Answer 17435) 3.2 EDK - XPS and BSPGen support VxWorks 5.5/Tornado 2.2

(Xilinx Answer 17436) 3.2 EDK - PBD Editor: Moving the components causes data corruption

(Xilinx Answer 17437) 3.2 EDK - Trying to open a PDF in Parameters tab causes XPS to hang

(Xilinx Answer 17438) 3.2 EDK - Base address of DCR INTC is incorrectly computed when it is attached to OPB2DCR bridge

(Xilinx Answer 17439) 3.2 EDK - The Spartan-3 compiler option to use H/W multiplier is grayed out

(Xilinx Answer 17440) 3.2 EDK - XMD PPC "continue" uses 100% of host processor utilization

(Xilinx Answer 16957) 3.2 EDK OPB PCI Bridge - Simulation - "Fatal: (vsim-3420) Array lengths do not match."

(Xilinx Answer 16933) 3.2\3.1 EDK OPB_IPIF - The ssp0 BUS2IP_BE signal has been tied to ground

(Xilinx Answer 17433) 3.2 EDK OPB HDLC - "ERROR: IO error when creating files for XST synthesis!"
AR# 17410
Date 04/06/2007
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