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AR# 17431

5.2i Data2BRAM - Data2BRAM crashes without error or seg faults


General Description:  

There is a problem parsing a BMM file when a "-bd" data file isn't given. As long as a data file is given, the seg fault won't happen. 


The following simple command is a BMM file syntax check of the file "simple.bmm": 


data2bram -bm simple.bmm.


This issue has been resolved in the ISE release 6.1i.


The work-around to do just a BMM file syntax check is to use a dummy MEM file. 


The work-around to this is to run the command as follows: 

data2bram -bm simple.bmm -bd dummy.mem. 


In the above example "dummy.mem" contains the following dummy contents: 

"@0 0"

AR# 17431
Date 05/15/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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