AR# 17670


5.2i ISE - XST VHDL / VERILOG is not available in the design flow list with project navigator (with a server installation)


General Description : After a remote installation (ISE installed on a server, and run from a PC), XST is not available as a design flow with project navigator (from the PC).

When creating a new project from the PC, XST is not on the design flow list.

The installed version is Foundation (then, it should include XST).

When trying to run project navigator from server, XST is available.


To bypass this problem :

From the PC, make sure that it's not an environnement variable problem by going to a dos windows (type cmd in START, RUN), and typing "XST".

If you've got a command line (-->), then you have XST on your system, and you can type "quit".

Then, go (from the PC) to the server (via the network), and go to xilinx/bin/nt. In this folder, run the batch file xilinx.bat.

Project navigator will open, and you should have xst available now.

In the future, open Project Navigator via the executable file _pn.exe

This solution is marked internal because the cause symptoms cannot be reproduced. The resolution is valid

AR# 17670
Date 01/06/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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