AR# 17701


EDK - Can I run multiple versions of ISE and EDK on the same machine?


General Description:

Can I run ISE 6.2i/EDK 6.2i on the same machine as ISE 6.3i/EDK 6.3i?

Can I run ISE 6.3i/EDK 6.3i on the same machine as ISE 7.1i/EDK 7.1i?


Multiple versions of ISE and EDK can be installed on the same machine; however, only one version can be run at a time. For example, ISE 7.1i and EDK 7.1i can be run at the same time, or ISE 6.3i and EDK 6.3i can be run at the same time. Here is one example of how to do this:

- Install ISE 7.1i/6.3i and EDK 7.1i/6.3i in four separate directories.

- Manually manage the $XILINX_EDK and $PATH environment variables to point to the version of the tools that you want to use.

In Windows, you can set environment variables in System Properties. You can set UNIX environment variables using the command line (i.e., setenv XILINX_EDK=path).

NOTE: File associations for the XMP file do not work for 3.2i. You should always open the project from XPS.
AR# 17701
Date 02/10/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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