AR# 17724


7.1 ISE - How do I link ISE to a ModelSim install to be able to launch ModelSim from within ISE on a Solaris machine?


Keywords: ISE, launch, ModelSim, ISE, start, PATH, Solaris, mti, simulation, process, Project Navigator

A user might have ModelSim and ISE installed but might not be able to launch a ModelSim simulation from within ISE.



ISE 5.2i determines the availability of ModelSim by searching the directories listed in the PATH environment variable. To make the ModelSim simulation processes available in Project Navigator, set the PATH variable to include the location of VSIM (e.g., "/home/applications/modelsim/model_57e/modeltech/bin").

To check that the Path is set correctly, just type VSIM at a shell prompt.

Make sure that there are no double semicolons, ';;', in the PATH before the directory containing VSIM. Project Navigator reads the double semicolon as an end of the PATH variable.

With ISE version 6.1i or later, the location of the ModelSim executables can also be set by selecting Edit -> Preferences -> Integrated Tools, and typing in (or browsing to) the directory location of the VSIM executable in the ModelSim field. Also make sure to set the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable to point to the correct license server.


AR# 17724
Date 12/12/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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