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AR# 17799

6.1 EDK - How do I setup my MicroBlaze design to use XMDstub for debugging?


Keywords: EDK, 6.1, XMD, MDM, MicroBlaze, debug, XMDStub

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I setup my MicroBlaze design to use XMDStub for debugging my embedded design? I changed from Executable mode to XMDStub mode, but now I get errors.


For MicroBlaze designs only:

XMDStub mode connects to the MDM opb peripheral in the device which allows for debugging of the MicroBlaze processor. If this peripheral is not already in the design, follow the steps below to add this in correctly:

1. Add the opb_mdm peripheral to the design. In the Parameters tab, select all parameters for the opb_mdm, add them, and keep the default values. Click Apply to save the changes.

2. In the parameters tab, select the MicroBlaze, add these parameters, and specify the values according to the design.
Click Apply to save the changes.

3. Go back to the Peripherals tab. Remove the JTAG UART if there is one in the design. Click Apply to save changes, and click OK.

4. Double-click the MicroBlaze in the left navigation window. Select the mode as XMDStub mode. Select the Debug Peripheral as the MDM peripheral. Click OK.

5. Double-click the opb_mdm in the left navigation window. Set the Interface Level to 1.

Now run the design through Generate Bitstream, Compile Program Sources, and Update Bitstream. The design should now be updated to connect through XMDStub to the MicroBlaze processor.

Detailed information on using XMDStub can be found in Chapter 11 of the EST Guide " Xilinx Microprocessor Debug."
AR# 17799
Date 03/05/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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