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AR# 17828

5.2i MAP - "ERROR:Pack:1107 when using Modular Design with PULLUP or PULLDOWN constraints"


Keywords: area group, module, pull, pack, ngdbuild, constraint, IOB, net

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I use the PULLUP or PULLDOWN constraint with Modular Design, the following error message occurs during map:

ERROR:Pack:1107 - Unable to combine the following symbols into a single IOB component:
PAD symbol "module/net(0)" (Pad Signal = net(0))
BUF symbol "module/ibuf_1/IBUF" (Output Signal = module/net_in(0))
PULL symbol "net(0)_PULLDOWN" (Output Signal = net(0))
Modular design constraints prohibit the combination.


This error is due to the fact that when using the PULLUP/PULLDOWN constraint, NGDBuild cannot place the component in the same module as the other components. Therefore, the PULLUP/PULLDOWN components need to be instantiated in the same module as the net they are attached to.
AR# 17828
Date 08/26/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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