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ModelSim Xilinx Edition (MXE) Master Solution - Links to all of the current MXE solutions and documentation


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This solution provides links to all of the current MXE solutions and documentation. If you want a solution added to the list below, please click the feedback form above.


Obtaining the Software
How do I obtain MXE? (Xilinx Answer 7915)
What are the differences between the XE, XE Starter, PE, and SE versions? (Xilinx Answer 8078)

Obtaining a License
How do I obtain a license for MXE (Starter or Full)? (Xilinx Answer 9859)
How do I renew/rehost my MXE license? (Xilinx Answer 11585)
What is the MXE serial number, and where can I obtain it? (Xilinx Answer 11551)

Common Licensing Questions
Is a floating license available for MXE? (Xilinx Answer 10203)
Does the MXE dongle require a battery? (Xilinx Answer 13744)

Licensing Errors
A licensing checkout error ("Error code -21") reports that the license has expired. (Xilinx Answer 16619)
License error occurs when logging in as a user without Administrator Privileges. (Xilinx Answer 14919)
Ethernet-based license does not work properly on laptops connected to a network. (Xilinx Answer 11347)
Fatal License Error: "Unable to checkout a license, Run the ModelSim Licensing Wizard". (Xilinx Answer 9118)
After installation, with my USB dongle plugged in, my computer does not see the USB dongle on Windows XP machines (Xilinx Answer 21950)
I forgot to plug in my dongle prior to installing MXE. What can I do? (Xilinx Answer 21951)

Simulation Libraries
How do I obtain the latest pre-compiled libraries for MXE? (Xilinx Answer 10616)

Using MXE
How do I run a simulation from Project Navigator? (Xilinx Answer 18216)
How do I run a functional (behavioral) simulation with ModelSim stand-alone? (VHDL, Verilog) (Xilinx Answer 1078)
How do I run back-annotated (timing) simulation using ModelSim stand-alone? (VHDL, Verilog) (Xilinx Answer 10177)

Is a reference from the "pref.tcl" file to another ".tcl" file supported? (Xilinx Answer 11060)
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