AR# 17852


Schematic - OBUFE symbol does not appear when I target a Spartan-3 (S3) device


Keywords: ECS, OBUFT, 52i, ISE, schematic, macro

When I target a Spartan-3 device and use the ISE Schematic Editor for design entry, the symbol for an OBUFE macro is not present.


To implement the OBUFE functionality in a Spartan-3 schematic design, you must use an OBUFT component and place an INVERTER connected to the "T" enable pin.

A user-created macro named OBUFE can be constructed with an INVERTER and OBUFT component to aid in creating multiple outputs with OBUFE functionality, or to aid in converting a schematic design from another device family.
AR# 17852
Date 03/05/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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