AR# 179


Can an old 2020 .PRG file be used to program the 7272 parts?


Can a .PRG file that has been compiled for an old Plus Logic 2020 chip be
used to program a Xilinx XC7272?


It depends on the programmer being used. The original Plus Logic Shooter can
use the same .prg file with the f2020_31.alg programming algorithm for both
2020 parts and XC7272 parts, but not XC7272a parts.

The recommended flow is to recompile the 2020 to generate an XC7272 .PRG
file, and use the HW-120 or HW-130 Xilinx EPLD programmer to program the
parts. It will program both the 7272 and 7272a parts.
AR# 179
Date 01/15/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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