AR# 17949


v1.2 Aurora 804 Reference Design - The VHDL simulation errors out because it cannot find a test vector file: "fileread_804_tester.vec"


Urgency: Standard  


General Description:  

The functional simulation of the Aurora_804_vhdl reference design fails because the simulator cannot find the file: "fileread_804_tester.vec". 


What is causing this?


The testbench that comes with the Aurora reference design calls for a file called "fileread_804_tester.vec". 


This vector file is called by "fileread_804_tester.vhd" through a function call called READ_MEM_H. The READ_MEM_H is defined in a package called READMEM. 


Because the "fileread_804_tester.vec" is not available, the simulation does not work. 


There are several other ".vec" files contained in the project that are used to test various functions of the design. If the "fileread_804_tester.vhd" is modified to call one of the ".vec" files that are in the project, then the simulation will work fine.

AR# 17949
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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