AR# 17983


Virtex-II/-II Pro /4/5 DCM - What is the default value of STATUS(2) bit if CLKFX is not used?


When CLKFX is not used in my design, what is the value on the STATUS[2] bit?


When CLKFX is not used in the design, STATUS[2] bit of the DCM is always a "don't care".

Xilinx has observed on silicon a default value of "1" when CLKFX is unused. Xilinx does not test STATUS[2] bit values when the CLKFX is not used and cannot guarantee this value.

Xilinx strongly recommends not using the STATUS[2] bit in your design if the CLKFX outputs of the DCM are unused.

AR# 17983
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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