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AR# 17997

6.1i ISE - ABEL design changes are not saved before creating a new Test Bench Waveform


Keywords: tbw, source, ABEL, .abl, waveform, test bench, Bencher, Project Navigator

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Creating a new test bench waveform for an ABEL source file does not prompt the user to save any changes to the ".abl" file before the source is compiled.

Selecting Project -> New Source... -> Test Bench Waveform then selecting "<design source>.abl" as the target does not prompt a user to save changes when "<design source>.abl" is being edited in the ISE Text Editer.


The problem is that the code that creates the Test Bench Waveform does not check that the ABEL file is modified in the editor.

Save the ".abl" file and then close and reopen the ".tbw" file. At this point, HDL Bencher will recognize any port changes and query the user to update or not.
AR# 17997
Date 03/19/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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