AR# 1801


XC7300: MR (Master Reset) Pin can optionally be used as an input


The XC7318, XC7336, XC7354 and XC73144 devices have a
Master Reset pin, which can optionally be specified as a user

The default behavior for the MR pin in the above devices is
the Master Reset functionality. This will invoke the full
initialization of the respective 7300 device when pulsed.
If you don't require this reset operation except for at
powerup, then you can optionally use this pin as an input.



To use the MR pin as an input, you must specify the MRINPUT
global attribute.

In a schematic:
Attach the attribute MRINPUT=ON to any input buffer in the
design. The name of the attribute is MRINPUT and the
value/description is ON. This will disable the Master Reset
functionality of the MR pin, and allow it to be used as a
regular input pin during normal operation.


In an ABEL file:

Use the following XEPLD Property statement in the Declarations
section of the Abel file.

AR# 1801
Date 01/15/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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