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AR# 18071

6.3i PAR "ERROR:Place - The following set of components needs to be placed in a very specific structure..."


Keywords: Modular, shape, structure, constraints, assembly, ISE, placer, route

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When running assembly in Modular Design, PAR gives the following error message:

"ERROR:Place - The following set of components needs to be placed in a very specific structure.
Because of constraints applied to these components, they cannot be placed in this required structure."

This error did not occur during active module implementation, and does not occur on a non-modular version of the design. What is causing the error?


This error is seen when modules in the design contain route-through nets. A MAP report message such as the following should contain information on where the route-through occurs in the design:

"INFO:MapLib:608 - Module X has a direct connection between input pin in1 and output pin
out1. This is an unusual condition during Modular Design and may affect assembly of
the modules. This can be corrected by adding a buffer (or other logic) between these pins."

Therefore, to resolve the issue, it is recommended that logic is placed on the net.
AR# 18071
Date 02/10/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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