AR# 18078


Packaging: Wire-Bonded (BG / FG packages) - Why are package trace length/flight times for wire-bond packages not available?


Why are package flight time for wire-bond packages not available?


For high-speed applications, it has been standard design practice to use Flip-Chip packages over wire-bonded ones. The I/O trace lengths in the substrate affect performance, especially in high-speed applications.

This stems from the current path between the die and the substrate balls. The electrical delay of the Flip-Chip substrate traces are much easier to predict than those of wire-bonded package wires.

In high-speed design applications, these delays could be quite significant, so they must be included in performance analysis models.

The Flip-Chip packages have a structural arrangement that makes delays associated with these traces very predictable within reasonable tolerance. Some newer bond wire packages do have flight time associated with them.

AR# 18078
Date 07/18/2016
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