AR# 18083


Project Navigator - Does Project Navigator software have integrated support for the Precision synthesis tool from Mentor Graphics?


Does the ISE software support the new Precision synthesis (Mentor Graphics) tool from the Project Navigator GUI?


Yes, when Project Navigator is opened, it runs a script from Mentor that determines whether Precision is installed. 


For PC users, the script (findmgsg) looks in the registry to see where Precision is installed. 


For Unix users, findmgsg looks for an environment variable named MGC_HOME. MGC_HOME must be set to the precision install directory.  




Set setenv MGC_HOME /tools/precision/2004c/Mgc_home 


The precision executable is located in /tools/precision/2004c/Mgc_home/bin 


NOTE: If for some reason precision is not found in the registry, the MGC_HOME variable may also be used on a Windows-based system. 


To check the location in which Project Navigator will be looking for Precision, type "findmgsg -precision" at a command prompt.

AR# 18083
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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