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AR# 18182

6.1i ECS - "Error : Symbol Not Found: <CPLD TTL and SOP library symbols> - Missing Symbol"


General Description:

In 6.1i ECS the TTL (x74_*) and the SOP3* and SOP4* symbols are no longer present in CPLD libraries.


The TTL (x74_*) and the SOP3* and SOP4* library symbols have been obsoleted and were last found in the 5.2i software release. If you have an old design that has been upgraded to 6.1i and uses these symbols, you can create your own from the 4.1i libraries guide description in the 4.1i software manual: http://www.xilinx.com/support/software_manuals.htm.

The schematic drawings for Xilinx macros are available in the respective device directory tree for the specific family under data\drawing. For example, schematics for the Virtex-II Pro family are located in the "%Xilinx%\virtex2p\data\drawing" directory. Schematics for all CPLD families (xc9500/XL, XPLA3, and CR2) are located in the "%Xilinx%\cpld\data\data" directory. If you have a 5.1i or 5.2i version of ISE installed, you can copy desired ".sch" files to a new location where you can use and maintain them for 6.1i and later schematics.

See (Xilinx Answer 13230) for directions on using "non-project" symbols and schematics.
AR# 18182
Date 06/22/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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