AR# 18201


6.1i ISE - Find in Files causes Project Navigator to crash - FATAL_ERROR:GuiUtilities:WinApp.c:657:$Revision


General Description: The "Find in Files" tool (Edit --> Find in Files) will cause Project Navigator to close with the error FATAL_ERROR:GuiUtilities:WinApp.c:657:$Revision :

A memory addressing error will also appear. After closing the two message boxes, Project Navigator will close.


This has been found to happen if the following conditions are all true:

* A string of 14 characters or greater in length is placed in the "Find what field"

* The 'Match whole word' option is selected

* The 'Look in sub folders' options is selected

* A match is found.

This also typically happens if there is no file open in the ISE Text editor.

To avoid this problem, change one or more of the above conditions.

AR# 18201
Date 01/06/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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