AR# 1826


Orcad: XNFPREP Error 3649: Possible cause if using CC8CLED with Capture 7.0


Keywords: xnfprep, cc8cled, 3649, capture, sources

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description:

Xnfprep may issue the following error:

XNFPREP ERROR 3649: The signal '[sig_name]' has multiple


A possible cause of this problem is due to an error in the
Orcad library for the CC8CLED component. The library macro
has the output of the Q5 register connected to the COUT pin of
the CY4 carry logic component. This connection of 2 outputs
together is illegal, and causes the error about multiple

Possible workarounds are:

1.) Use the CC16CLED instead. The software will trim out any
unused bits of the counter.

2.) Save the CC8CLED macro to your own user-library, and then
edit the macro's schematic to fix the bad connection.
AR# 1826
Date 08/08/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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