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M1 - How do I get XACT and M1 license files to use the same license manager?


Keywords: XACT, M1, license files, license manager

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The XACT 5.2.x software and the M1 software both use the FLEXlm License Server.
Is it possible to have them run together using the same Lmgrd process and the same
license file?


Yes. To use the same Lmgrd process, you must do the following:

1. Define the environmental variable XLM_ENABLE_LM_LICENSE_FILE as follows:

# The C Shell (put in ~/.cshrc file)

# The Bourne Shell (put in ~/.profile file)

# The Apollo Aegis /com/sh

The presence of this environment variable will cause the XACT 5.2.x programs to use
the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable to locate the license file. This variable also inhibits the
program from calling the autostartup program (XLMASU) if the license manager is not
running. The disadvantage of this method is that all users of XACT 5.2.x software must
make sure that the two environment variables XLM_ENABLE_LM_LICENSE_FILE
and LM_LICENSE_FILE are defined properly.

2. Make sure that both license files have the same server host name and host ID defined.
There should be a line in the license files that has the following format:

SERVER hostname hostid port

For example:
SERVER galaxy 7271DE2D 2100

3. Concatenate the M1 and XACT 5.2.x license files together. After doing this, remove
the duplicate SERVER line from the resultant license file.

4. Verify that the DAEMON lines in the license file for the XILINXD and XXACTD
Daemons have the correct paths to their respective executables.

5. Verify that the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable points to the combined license file.

6. Set up the M1 environmental variable:
setenv XILINX /path/to/M1

7. Set up the XACT environmental variable:
setenv XACT /path/to/XACT521

8. Set up your path so that the M1 license manager executable is first in your path.
For example:
set path = ($XILINX/bin/sun $XACT/bin/sparc $path)

9. Start up the license server:
$XILINX/bin/<platform>/lmgrd -c /path/to/license/file

NOTE: For more information on starting up the license manager for the XACT and M1
software, please refer to the following documentation:

- XACT Step 5.2.x Core Tools Release Document
- README file in the $XACT/license directory
- M1 Install and Release Document
AR# 1832
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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