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AR# 18406

8.1i NGDBuild - "INFO:NgdBuild:526 - On the RAMB4_S16_S16 symbol "", the following properties are undefined..."


When implementing a design that contains block RAM, I might receive the following message during Translate: 


"INFO:NgdBuild:526 - On the RAMB4_S16_S16 symbol "<RAMB>", the following properties are undefined: INIT_00, INIT_01, ..., INIT_0F. A default value of all zeroes will be used."


This message occurs if you have instantiated a block RAM component in your HDL source and have not assigned initial values for all the addresses in the RAM. This should not appear for schematic designs, because ECS creates initialization strings of all zeros for all memory elements (unless otherwise directed). 


Assign these INIT values in your HDL source, XCF file (for XST), or UCF file to initialize the RAM components and avoid this message.

AR# 18406
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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