AR# 1844


Mentor schematic - Adding an INIT property to a CPLD flip-flop


To specify the initial power-up state of a flip-flop in a CPLD (XC7300 or XC9500), you must attach an INIT property to the flip-flop. The default power-up state, if no INIT property exists, is zero (logic low).

NOTE: This does not apply to Xilinx FPGAs.


In the Mentor Schematic, select the flip-flop whose initial state you want to change, then right-click and select Button -> Properties -> Add from the menu.

Add the following properties:

Property Name: =INIT

Property Value: S (initial set state) or R (initial reset state)

The equal sign before the INIT property name is required (without it, the property will not properly pass through EDIF2XNF).

AR# 1844
Date 05/08/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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