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AR# 18588

6.3i Incremental Design - "ERROR:MapLib:674 - "We have detected a 5.x format Incremental Design guide file" when using 6.x"


When running Incremental Design with guide files in ISE 6.1i, I encounter the following error:

"ERROR:MapLib:674 - We have detected a 5.x format Incremental Design guide file.

This will need to be converted to a 6.x format to be used. Improvements in

the MAP behavior may limit the usefulness of a 5.x guide file in 6.x, as more

AREA GROUPs may change than expected and be placed and routed anyway."

However, the project was created using ISE 6.1i, and no ISE 5.x files exist.


Check to make sure that the guide file being used has the same area groups as the current implementation. An Area Group being removed or added is not considered an Incremental Design change, and therefore the previous implementation should not be used as a guide file.

The process should be as follows:

1. Create Area Groups for the design, and make a final decision on what Area Groups to use.

2. Run MAP and PAR with the "-gm incremental" flag enabled while making design changes.

3. Run implementation with constraints until satisfied with placement and routing results.

4. Use the MAP and PAR output NCDs as guide files in the next implementation run.
AR# 18588
Date 12/08/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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