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AR# 18621

LogiCORE Bit Mux v7.0 - MAP error : "ERROR:Pack:1141 wide function starting with F6 mux"


General Description 
When running MAP phase of implementation, you might get a MAP error if your design contains Core Generator Bit Mux v7.0 that contains RPM. This is known to occur on V2, V2P, and Spartan-3 designs. 
Following is the actual Map error: 
"ERROR:Pack:1141 - A problem was encountered merging several collections of 
symbols having restrictive placement or routing requirements. The collection 
A wide function starting with F6 mux 
The position of this collection conflicts with other collections' placement 


This problem is still under investigation, but the problem seems to be with the RPM of the core and mapper conflict. Please try turning off the RPM when generating the Bit Mux core in Core Generator.

AR# 18621
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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