AR# 18667


6.3i ChipScope Pro - How can I see my clock in the waveform?


General Description:

When connecting the design clock to the trigger clock and the trigger data, ChipScope prints a series of "1"s for the clock. How can I see my clock in the waveform?


This is the expected behavior because the clock trigger is not shown in the waveform. The scale at the top of the window shows the clock cycles. When you sample your design clock at the clock trigger frequency, you will receive all "1"s if the clock trigger frequency is equal to the clock data frequency.

To work around this issue, divide the sample buffer by one half by making the clock trigger twice the frequency of the design clock using a DCM 2X or a similar method.

AR# 18667
Date 03/05/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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