AR# 18708


LogiCORE Asynchronous FIFO v5.1- Core generation hangs or generates files with FIFO depth=15 regardless of GUI setting


Urgency: Hot 


General Description 

When generating Async FIFO v5.1 core, you might see following issues: 


1. The Async FIFO depth always defaults to 15, regardless of the value selected in the GUI. You can verify this by opening the "<component_name>.v" or ".vhd" template files produced by CORE Generator. 


2. For the Async FIFO with "type= Dist Mem", core generation will hang and the CORE Generator process must be killed to recover.


The above two issues are caused if you have downloaded the 61i_ip_update1during the month of December 2003. 


Please download the new version of the IP update available as of Jan 9, 2004 (61i_ip_update1_01) from:

The new IP update can be installed over the previous version without un-installing any of the previous update files. Asynchronous FIFO v5.1 core generated with the previous update will have to be re-generated with this newer IP update.

AR# 18708
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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