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AR# 18846

6.1i EDK/LogiCORE PLB Gigabit Ethernet MAC - "ERROR:MDT - plb - 2 SLAVE(s) allowed, but POSITION = 3 assigned!"


General Description: 

When I implement a PLB Gigabit Ethernet MAC design in EDK 6.1i with a Master/Slave bus interface, the following error occurs during PlatGen with respect to the PLB bus: 


"ERROR:MDT - plb_v34 (plb) - 

C:\Networking\GMAC_PLB\gmac_design\system.mhs:106 - 2 

SLAVE(s) allowed, but POSITION = 3 assigned! 

ERROR:MDT - platgen failed with errors! 

make: *** [implementation/system.ngc] Error 2"


This error occurs in simple PLB GMAC systems in which there are fewer slaves than masters on the PLB bus. With a MSPLB component, such as the PLB GMAC, both the master and slave are forced to the same position. This can lead to a situation in which a slave is assigned to a position that is not in the allowable range. 


To work around the issue, add the "POSITION" keyword to the BUS_INTERFACE attribute of the PLB GMAC in the .mhs file. Assign it a value of two, as shown below: 


Change from: BUS_INTERFACE MSPLB = plb 



This changes the position of the PLB GMAC to two, which is an allowable range for the number of slaves on the bus.

AR# 18846
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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