AR# 1885


M1Security is Based on FLEXlm, and Requires Lmgrd v4_1 and Xilinxd


Platform(s): All (i.e., sun, sol, hp)

Architecture(s): All

Design Step(s): All

Reference Number: Not Available

The M1 software is currently based on FLEXlm, but requires a newer version of lmgrd than was distributed with XACT 5.2.1. It also requires a new vendor daemon, xilinxd.


The new lmgrd and daemon are included with the 4KEX Pre-Release

software. The new lmgrd is compatible with XACT 5.2.1 (and other vendor's) software. The 4KEX Pre-Release software can work with lmgrd v5.x. At or before the 4KEX Pre-Release, Xilinx will move to FLEXlm v5.

AR# 1885
Date 05/08/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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