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AR# 18856

7.1i ISE - Constraint files with upper case ".UCF" extensions are ignored when implementing a design in Project Navigator


Keywords: capital, ignore

Project Navigator allows me to add a constraints file with an upper-case ".UCF" extension but does not use this constraints file for implementation. Also, when I try to open PACE, Floorplanner, or the Constraints Editor for my project, I receive a message that indicates the project requires the addition of a UCF.


Upper-case extensions for the User Constraints File (UCF) are not valid for Project Navigator.


When you add this type of user constraints file, Project Navigator ignores the file by setting the -i command in NGDBuild.

To work around this issue, remove the UCF with the upper-case extension, rename the file with a lower-case extension, and add the UCF back to your project.
AR# 18856
Date 03/25/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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