AR# 18871


LogiCORE PCI - Which wrapper file should I use; the file with the "_d" or the "_s" suffix?


General Description:

The PCI core wrapper files use "_d" and "_s" suffixes. What do these mean and when do you use a particular file?


The "_s" suffix indicates that the core is using one BUFG for the global clock net. The "_d" suffix indicates that the incoming PCI clock is divided onto two global clock networks using two BUFGs.

For specific instructions on which wrapper file you should use with a particular device and design combination, refer to the PCI LogiCORE Implementation Guide. The Implementation Guide is found in the "docs" directory included with the PCI LogiCORE zip file. You can also access this document online at:

AR# 18871
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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