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AR# 19126

6.1 EDK mb-gcc - How do I generate an ELF file with debugging information for both C and ASM portions?


Keywords: gcc, -g, -gstabs

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Currently (in EDK 6.1), I cannot run a single GCC command to compile, assemble, and link C code with extra assembly code and debug both in GDB. If I use both the -g switch for C code debugging with the -gstabs code for assembler listings, GDB might crash.


To work around this issue, compile and assemble the C code separately from assembling the assembly code; the two objects are then passed to the linker. Using this method, the -g and -gstabs switches are set correctly for C and ASM code.

In the following example of a C main.c file with assembly code foo.s file, the intended results are produced with these command line commands:
mb-gcc -c -g main.c
mb-gcc -c -Wall -Wa,-gstabs foo.s
mb-gcc main.o foo.o -o test.elf
mb-gdb test.elf

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AR# 19126
Date 04/28/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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