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AR# 19193

6.2/6.1 EDK - XPS does not create Libraries, and it does not generate the netlists


Keywords: EDK, XPS, xygwin, make, cp: cannot stat `*.h', bash -c

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When trying to implement the design or generate the Libraries in XPS, I receive errors similar to the following:

The error for 'generate netlist'

"Rebuilding cache ...
Total run time: 176.00 seconds
""Running synthesis...""
bash -c "cd synthesis; ./synthesis.sh; cd .."

The error for 'generate libraries'

"make -s include "COMPILER=mb-gcc" "ARCHIVER=mb-ar"
"COMPILER_FLAGS=-mno-xl-soft-mul -O2 -c" "EXTRA_COMPILER_FLAGS=-g"
cp: cannot stat `*.h': No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [include] Error 1
ERROR:MDT - make include failed in directory
ERROR:MDT - make failed for target "include"
ERROR:MDT - Error while running "make" for processor microblaze_0...
make.exe": *** [microblaze_0/lib/libxil.a] Error 2

If I type "make -v" in a bash, I get a different version number than 3.79 (e.g., GNU Make version 3.75).


In general, these errors can occur if another software program is installed that also uses a xygwin (a different one). So, in the above case, the customer had a so-called WILDCARD installed on their machine and this program also comes with a cygwin shell. WILDCARD is a PCMCIA-card used in our System Generator for hardware-co-simulation.

Their xygwin shell is not visible, and no matter how the env-variables are placed, EDK doesn't work properly. It obviously has a higher priority than EDK's xygwin shell.

The solution to the above problem is to remove the Path to the WILDCARD xygwin shell in the environment PATH.
AR# 19193
Date 03/08/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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