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AR# 19334

6.2 EDK/SimGen - How do I add a behavioral model to be compiled during a behavioral simulation of a black box?


General Description:

I am trying to perform a behavioral simulation on a project that includes a user-added peripheral with a black box. The black box has a behavioral simulation model that is included as part of the core. How do I include the behavioral model so that it is compiled during a behavioral simulation?


Currently, using XPS you cannot add the behavioral model to the simulator's compilation script; it must be added manually. To add the model in ModelSim, add it to the "system.do" file.

For example, if your peripheral includes a black box behavioral model called "my_fifo.vhd" that resides in the <project_folder>/pcores/my_peripheral/simmodels/ folder, you can add the following to the "system.do" file:

vcom -93 -work my_peripheral <project_folder>/pcores/my_peripheral/simmodels/my_fifo.vhd

Make sure that the line is placed in the script before the other peripheral's simulation models are compiled. You can also place the command to compile the black box's behavioral model in a separate "do file" and run it before "system.do".

EDK 7.1 will include a method to add the black box behavioral model to XPS so that it is included in the simulation script automatically.
AR# 19334
Date 10/25/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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