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AR# 19362

Virtex-II Pro X RocketIO - Pro X channel-bonding match detection logic is always active in ES silicon


General Description:  

As noted in the Engineering Sample (ES) errata, ES Virtex-II Pro X channel-bonding match detection logic is always active; it cannot be disabled.


If the Channel Bonding feature is not desired, the match sequence should be set to an illegal sequence, one which will not occur in the actual data stream. For example, in a system with a maximum run length less than 80, the following settings will suffice as an illegal sequence that will not be reproduced in the data stream:  


CHAN_BOND_SEQ_1_1 = 11'b01111111111 

CHAN_BOND_SEQ_1_2 = 11'b01111111111 

CHAN_BOND_SEQ_1_3 = 11'b01111111111  

CHAN_BOND_SEQ_1_4 = 11'b01111111111  

CHAN_BOND_SEQ_2_1 = 11'b01111111111  

CHAN_BOND_SEQ_2_2 = 11'b01111111111  

CHAN_BOND_SEQ_2_3 = 11'b01111111111  

CHAN_BOND_SEQ_2_4 = 11'b01111111111  

CHAN_BOND_SEQ_1_MASK = 4'b0000  

CHAN_BOND_SEQ_2_MASK = 4'b0000  




If Channel Bonding feature is desired, use as specified in the data sheet.

AR# 19362
Date 05/16/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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